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Take your early-elementary students on a journey through US History. This gentle, picture book-based approach engages young minds in issues of justice, inclusion, resistance, and resilience.

Our Activities book includes a year-long Story Quilt Project and coloring and activities pages.


Until the story of the hunt is told by the lion, the tale of the hunt will always glorify the hunter.


Conscious u.s. History


BEGINNERS (K-2+) - $49.99 USD
GRADES 3-7 (2ND EDITION) - $49.99 USD
HIGH SCHOOL (Part 1) - $59.99 USD
HIGH SCHOOL (Part 2)- $59.99 USD

Tired of white-washed history curriculum?

Oh Freedom! is u.s. history curriculum that is

Inclusive, Relevant & Engaging

Oh Freedom! was created by a mom who was growing weary of all of the stories (even the historical fiction) told from the perspective of the colonizers.

The history of Native Americans, African Americans and immigrants must be more than an after-thought.

Easy to Implement

All resources have been curated and organized for you. Just collect the books on the booklist and you're ready to go!

African American Emphasis

Focus is on African American history while also highlighting the stories of Natives and immigrants of color​

Critical Thinking

Through discussion questions and dedicated reflection time, students learn to think critically about historical and contemporary issues of race and class.

I am so in love with this curriculum. The depth of the conversations we’re having is phenomenal!

Alissa B.



Our World History class is designed for middle school students who can work independently

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Videos, thoughtfully curated assignments and LIVE classes 

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What is Woke


To be WOKE is to be “alert to injustice in society, especially racism.” At Woke Homeschooling we provide resources for parents to educate socially-conscious children who will grow to become wise and informed world-changers.