It’s about TIME

Back in the summer of 1997, I was a 20-year old college student in New York City, by myself, working as an editorial intern at TIME magazine. Twenty-five years later, I received an email from a TIME reporter wanting to talk about Woke Homeschooling curriculum. Anytime a reporter from a national publication calls, it’s special. But you can understand why this felt like an extra special full-circle moment…

Yes, I was honored to have been included and quoted in a TIME magazine article about the rise of Black homeschoolers. Black homeschoolers have always been here, but we’re no longer unicorns. We’re out here building community, creating resources, filling the gaps, giving our best for our kids.

The reporter, Katie Reilly, expertly captured the heart and soul behind why we homeschool. And why it’s detrimental for Black families to just go with the status quo flow. 

But inclusive history and tackling hard topics is not only essential for Black families, it is for everyone. We all need to know the truths of history that have been buried, obscured and white-washed. We already know the outcome of generations of avoiding. Let’s do it differently this time. Let’s tell the truth and see what happens.

As always, glad to be on this journey with you.


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  1. How exciting for you to be included by your alma mater (of sorts) and what a special thing to contribute to. Thanks for sharing and for all you do!

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