let’s tell the truth

If you’ve been around the Woke Homeschooling community this past year, you’ve probably heard “let’s tell the truth and see what happens” before. It’s my way of saying, “what we’ve been doing is not working! So, let’s try something else.”  For generations, the textbooks in schools have minimized the damage done to millions of people …

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setting the tone

TRANSCRIPT Delina 0:02 Hi, everybody, this is Delina, Woke Homeschooling, and I’m here with Summer, who is our moderator for the Facebook group that has more than 13,000 members.. I don’t know, Facebook fudges, the numbers, but we’re just gonna go with that. She, so graciously moderates the group. And let me tell y’all this: Summer, …

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It’s about TIME

Back in the summer of 1997, I was a 20-year old college student in New York City, by myself, working as an editorial intern at TIME magazine. Twenty-five years later, I received an email from a TIME reporter wanting to talk about Woke Homeschooling curriculum. Anytime a reporter from a national publication calls, it’s special. …

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