What ages/grades is this curriculum for?

The curriculum is adaptable for children in grades 3 through 7. I successfully used these resources when two of my children were in 3rd grade (age 8).

Because of the variety of resources, it is easy to adapt to your child’s grade level, but don’t be afraid to expose them to more than you think they’re capable of understanding. You’ll be surprised. There are no quizzes or tests. Just expose them to the concepts and ethics and philosophy and help them think through issues. That’s the most important thing.

What is the difference between the Original version and the Secular Edition?
When I first shared Oh Freedom! with the world, I shared what I had done with my kids. And that included prayer before starting our history lessons — because I wanted them to have a healthy way to process hard history. I am a Christian and I came from a faith-based perspective in the introduction of the curriculum.
This prayer guidance (and other religious-sounding language) was omitted from the introduction in order to create the Secular Edition.
The curriculum content (books, playlists, videos, etc.) is identical in both the Original and Secular versions, and none of this content is religious in nature.
In the original Journal, you’ll find a space for your student to write out their prayers. This is not present in the Secular Edition of the Journal.
What does this curriculum guide include?

There are 38-weeks of lessons scheduled for 4 days a week. The lessons are easily adaptable to your schedule and your family. Pick and choose what works. In fact, you’ll find that there’s enough material to do two years of US History (just take two weeks to complete each week’s readings and activities).

Discover– Readings from the main textbooks (includes options for listening to audio versions)
Storytelling – Historical fiction and other riveting stories that coincide with this history lesson
Experience – Links to music, poetry, documentaries and other online resources to make the lesson come alive
Discuss & Reflect– Discussion questions for journaling or discussing out loud. These are critical thinking prompts to help your children imagine a different future and inspire them to create it.

Dig Deeper
Included in the 38 weeks are 6 weeks of planned breaks. Take this time to research more, venture on field trips, watch movies or just take a clean break.

Will I receive a printed book?

This is a digital item. The reason is that there are embedded links to all the online resources.

Many parents choose to print it for easy access, but Oh Freedom! is only available as a download by design. After purchase, keep the digital file easily accessible so you can quickly get to the booklist, music and video playlists and other online resources.

You are able to get printed versions of the journal (secular and original) on Amazon.com.
What else will I have to buy?

The books. You’ll have to purchase or borrow your own books and audiobooks from our booklist.

You will also need internet access to take advantage of all of the resources that I point you to.

I recommend purchasing the Oh Freedom! Journal for your children to keep track of their learning, their interests, and their reflections.

If you already have subscriptions to Amazon Prime, Netflix and Spotify, you’re all set.

Where can I find the booklist?

The booklist is part of what you purchase when you buy Oh Freedom! curriculum.

So how can you know how much more you will spend? Aside from what you probably already have (like internet access, Netflix, Spotify and Amazon Prime), you will have to purchase books and maybe audiobooks (if you prefer).

I did the math. If you purchase all the required books NEW from Amazon.com, it will cost about $210 for about 22 books. Not bad, considering all the other ways we have to get books for much less/free like used bookstores, libraries, and online libraries.

Thank you for understanding why I shared the “bones” (structure) in the sample but saved the meat and secret sauce for those who purchase.

The curriculum is not right for my family. Can I get a refund on the curriculum?

We offer a sample that includes everything you need to know about the curriculum before purchasing. We offer this so you can be sure this is for you before you buy it. There is no way to “return” a digital item without still owning it, therefore, all sales are final.

Does this curriculum meet the standards of my state?

This curriculum was developed with the Themes of Social Studies (from NCSS) in mind. That said, every state has different homeschool regulations. I live in Texas which is one of the most deregulated states in which to homeschool. If you’re looking for your kids to draw pictures of the Niña, Pinta and Santa Maria, memorize dates and the names of all the presidents in order, this curriculum is not for you.

This curriculum is an exercise in perspective-taking to understand class issues, race issues, immigration, human rights and social justice.

Please review our Curriculum Overview (included in the sample) to decide if this curriculum meets the requirements of your state and your family.

Can this be used as a supplement to my current curriculum or with my kids who are in a traditional school?

Absolutely! There is enough to choose from in these lessons to supplement what you’re currently doing. I’ve curated the resources for you and now you get to pick and choose from the booklist, listen to the storybooks on audio, read over the discussion questions, enjoy the playlist, complete get the journal and create an abbreviated version that works for your situation.

Can I do this curriculum with younger students?

Though Oh Freedom! can be adapted for younger and older students, we recommend that you wait before you dive in with this material for younger students.  Because of the tough topics covered in Oh Freedom! we recommend that you start when your child is mature enough to handle and process the truth about history.

When your child is in K-2, the best thing you can do is immerse them in diverse stories. Read, read, read until your throat aches and mouth gets dry. Listen to audiobooks together. Not only will you be training their attention spans to be able to sit and learn for longer stretches, as they get older, but reading books will become a part of who they are.

I purchased but haven't received the download.
First, make sure that you are checking the email that you entered when you ordered. Sometimes your PayPal email is different from your main email.
Sometimes things get lost in our inboxes. Double-check by doing a search for “SendOwl” in your email box. Everyone receives a link to the downloads immediately and automatically after purchase.
If you still can’t find it, email learn AT wokehomeschooling.com and we will have the download links re-sent to you.


Why did you create this curriculum?

One of the most asked questions since we released the original version in 2019 was, “do you have a high school edition?” Parents successfully found ways to use the younger version to meet their high-schoolers needs. Now they don’t have to. Oh Freedom! High School provides a pathway to a more conscious understanding of US History that is tailored for high school students.

Why is there not a rubric or grading system included?

We encourage parental involvement. Every week we have included readings for parents in order to allow for meaningful discussion of the text. As you discuss the content with your teen and read over assignments and book reviews, you will be able to accurately assess your teen’s progress, effort and comprehension and assess a grade when necessary.

Is there a particular textbook that is followed?

Take a look at the textbooks we use here. The literature book list is available when you purchase the curriculum.

Is the high school curriculum secular?

The only religious content you will encounter in Oh Freedom! High School Edition is what is mentioned in the readings as they pertain to American history. All resources are secular.

How are the readings assigned?

Readings are organized into weekly lesson that students will manage (with the supervision of an adult) into daily portions.  This is a life skill that students need to develop early in their academic careers.

Does it cover 8th grade?

Yes, Oh Freedom! High School Edition is suitable for an 8th grader.  The parent and student should decide whether Track 1 or 2 is appropriate.

How long will it take to complete the reading assignments?

The curriculum was designed for students to complete in a four-day week. Here are approximate times for each lesson:

Track 1 

Discover – 15-30 minutes 

Journaling – 15 – 20 minutes (once a week)

Discuss & Reflect – 30-60  minutes (once a week)

Experience – 45 minutes or less each video 

Literature – varies

Track 2

Discover – 30-60 minutes 

Journaling – 15-20 minutes (once a week)

Discuss & Reflect (Current Events) – (45-60 minutes at least twice a week)

Experience – 45 minutes or less each video 

Literature – varies

What ages is it for?

Students ages 14-18 (grades 8-12) should easily be able to handle the readings and assignments. The curriculum is organized into two tracks. Though they follow the same topics, Track 2 offers longer and higher-level reading material. 

How is Oh Freedom! High School Edition different from Oh Freedom! for grades 3-7?

OFHS is different in the following ways:

  • Different booklist
  • Students follow weekly lesson plans independently
  • No picture books
  • Reading assignments for parents
  • Current events assignments
  • Options for literature books
Is this a history supplement or a stand-alone resource?

It can be both. 

If you are looking for a U.S. history curriculum that tells the story from the point of view of Indigenous Peoples and African Americans – then it is a stand alone resource.

However, it also can be used alongside a traditional US history curriculum. 

When will Part 2 be released?

Summer 2021

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