Oh Freedom! FOR beginners

This curriculum is 6 units of U.S. History from the pre-colonial era through the present. In a gentle way, we help young students understand this country's complicated past.

Using a carefully curated booklist featuring picture books, beginner students will learn the stories of the United States through the eyes of Native Americans, African Americans, and immigrants.  $49.99 USD

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Uncover history and start your family’s  journey with this instantly downloadable curriculum. $49.99 USD

Make History

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Extention activities and hands-on experiences make this curriculum engaging for young students


Variety of resources help you customize the lessons for your child’s academic level


Enter history through the eyes of real people. Award-winning picture books and riveting stories make history relevant and relatable


Transformative conversations develop organically when you engage with rich, nuanced material


Each unit includes guidance for the adult to learn too.


We provide planning pages so you can customize your child's experience and choose the activities that are best for them.

Order the Companion aCTIVITY BOOK

This 90+ page download includes all of the printables to create the Oh Freedom! Story Quilt. It also includes word searches, word puzzles, crossword puzzles and coloring sheets that coincide with the Units in Oh Freedom! for Beginners. Available as a downloadable PDF ($10 USD). 

Top Questions About This Curriculum

There are 6 units of lessons. We recommend spending 5-6 weeks in each unit. The lessons are easily adaptable to your schedule and your family. Pick and choose what works. In fact, you’ll find that there’s enough material to do two years of US History (just take two weeks to complete each week’s readings and activities).

  • Unit Overview– a big-picture summary of the concepts, vocabulary and activities in the unit
  • #homeschoolyourself– A learning plan for parents. These are easy reads to prepare for the content in each unit.
  • Storytelling – Beautifully written and illustrated picture books to read again and again. Conversation starters to help understand and digest the story. Includes links to music, art and video clips to make the lesson come alive. 
  • Hands-on Experiences  – After reading each book, you’ll be guided through a fun craft or exploration activity. Each unit also includes a coloring page.
  • More – Additional book suggestions and ideas for hands-activities for the children who want to read more, learn more and do more.

The curriculum is adaptable for elementary-aged children starting in Kindergarten. Some parents have reported that their children were not ready for  Oh Freedom! (2nd Edition) and this curriculum would help them introduce hard US History in a more gentle way without avoiding it altogether. 

Because this curriculum is to help the parent tell these stories, the content, and depth can be adapted to many situations, grade levels, and maturity levels.

The books! Your primary expense to implement this curriculum will be buying the books. You can minimize this expense by utilizing your library and/or buying used books.  

You may also incur expenses to implement the Hands-on Experiences, but this will be minimal as most are household items.

You will also need internet access to take advantage of all of the recommended online resources. But you have that already, ’cause you’re here.

We offer a FREE sample that includes everything you need to know about the curriculum before purchasing. We offer this so you can be sure this is for you before you buy it. There is no way to “return” a digital item without still owning it, therefore, all sales are final.

Absolutely! These books and conversations can easily be included in your other curriculum. 

First, make sure that you are checking the email that you entered when you ordered. Sometimes your PayPal email is different from your main email.

Sometimes things get lost in our inboxes. Double-check by doing a search for “Woke Homeschooling” in your email box. Everyone receives a link to the downloads immediately and automatically after purchase.

If you still can’t find it, email hello AT wokehomeschooling.com and we will have the download links re-sent to you.

Absolutely! Because we’re using picture books, you can spend as little as 10-20 minutes reading and talking through a book. This is easy to do at bedtime, or on a weekend, or even when your child comes home from school telling you some half-story they learned in history class.
If you want to take more time, choose the online resources and activities that support what you just read.  

And definitely take advantage of the #homeschoolyourself section that helps you unlearn and learn what you weren’t taught in school.

This is a digital item. The reason is that there are embedded links to all the online resources.

Many parents choose to print the document for easy access, but Oh Freedom! is only available as a download.  We provide a QR code for you to easily access the online material if you do choose to print it.

Printed and bound versions of this curriculum will be available on Amazon soon.  

The booklist is part of what you purchase when you buy Oh Freedom! curriculum. If you’re curious about how much you’re going to spend on books, we did the math. If you purchase all the required books NEW from Amazon.com, it will cost a little over $300 for about 25 books (including the #homeschoolyourself titles).

There are lots of ways to break up this cost, including buying Unit bundles from Brown Babies Books (a Black-owned, woman-owned bookstore). 
You’ll never regret investing in creating a robust and inclusive homeschool library. Also, consider all the other ways we have to get books for much less/free like used bookstores, libraries, and online libraries. The books in this curriculum are easy to come by.