Oh Freedom High School Edition (Part 1)

Our high school curriculum is 36-weeks of U.S. History lessons for teens (8th-12th grade). Students work independently to take deep dives into understanding history from the perspective of Indigenous and African Americans.

Using Stamped from the Beginning (Kendi), An Indigenous People’s History of the United States for Young People  (Ortiz), Voices of a People’s History of the United States (Zinn) and literature that coincides with each era studied, students will gain an understanding of the people and events who laid the foundation for the country we experience today. $59.99 USD

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Make History

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Companion journal includes active learning prompts and encourages contemplation and creativity


Variety of resources help you customize the lessons for your child’s academic level


Enter history through the eyes of real people. Award-winning books and riveting stories make history relevant and relatable


Transformative conversations develop organically when you engage with rich, nuanced material


Interesting lessons for the whole family. You’ll be learning too!


We’ve sprinkled in several weeks of a scheduled time to go deeper or simply rest

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This beautiful journal helps students keep track of their journey through history. There’s room to take inventory on what they already know about each week’s topic, there’s space to keep track of new terminology, reflect on the relevance of understanding historical events and make connections with current events. Features five pages per week with room to take notes about people, places, and events, keep track of terminology, rack of learning, reflect, and get creative. This is a digital item (PDF). A link to download will be sent to you immediately after purchase.

Includes license to duplicate for anyone in your household.

Top Questions About This Curriculum

One of the most asked questions since we released the original version in 2019 was, “do you have a high school edition?” Parents successfully found ways to use the younger version to meet their high-schoolers needs. Now they don’t have to.

Oh Freedom! High School Edition provides a pathway to a more conscious understanding of US History that is tailored for high school students.

We encourage parental involvement. Every week we have included readings for parents in order to allow for meaningful discussion of the text. As you discuss the content with your teen and read over assignments and book reviews, you will be able to accurately assess your teen’s progress, effort and comprehension and assess a grade when necessary.

Take a look at the textbooks we use here. The literature book list is available when you purchase the curriculum.

The only religious content you will encounter in Oh Freedom! High School Edition is what is mentioned in the readings as they pertain to American history. All resources are secular.

Readings are organized into weekly lesson that students will manage (with the supervision of an adult) into daily portions. This is a life skill that students need to develop early in their academic careers.

Yes, Oh Freedom! High School Edition is suitable for an 8th grader. The parent and student should decide whether Track 1 or 2 is appropriate.

We offer a sample that includes everything you need to know about the curriculum before purchasing. We offer this so you can be sure this is for you before you buy it. There is no way to “return” a digital item without still owning it, therefore, all sales are final.

First, make sure that you are checking the email that you entered when you ordered. Sometimes your PayPal email is different from your main email.

Sometimes things get lost in our inboxes. Double-check by doing a search for “SendOwl” in your email box. Everyone receives a link to the downloads immediately and automatically after purchase.

If you still can’t find it, email hello AT wokehomeschooling.com and we will have the download links re-sent to you.

The curriculum was designed for students to complete in a four-day week. Here are approximate times for each lesson:

Track 1

Discover – 15-30 minutes

Journaling – 15 – 20 minutes (once a week)

Discuss & Reflect – 30-60 minutes (once a week)

Experience – 45 minutes or less each video

Literature – varies

Track 2

Discover – 30-60 minutes

Journaling – 15-20 minutes (once a week)

Discuss & Reflect (Current Events) – (45-60 minutes at least twice a week)

Experience – 45 minutes or less each video

Literature – varies

Students ages 14-18 (grades 8-12) should easily be able to handle the readings and assignments. The curriculum is organized into two tracks. Though they follow the same topics, Track 2 offers longer and higher-level reading material.

OFHS is different in the following ways:

  • Different booklist
  • Students follow weekly lesson plans independently
  • No picture books
  • Reading assignments for parents
  • Current events assignments
  • Options for literature books

It can be both.

If you are looking for a U.S. history curriculum that tells the story from the point of view of Indigenous Peoples and African Americans – then it is a stand alone resource.

However, it also can be used alongside a traditional US history curriculum.