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Welcome to Homeschool Yourself!
What is the podcast about?  Find out in this intro episode.

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Welcome to Homeschool Yourself!
What is the podcast about?  Find out in this intro episode.


Welcome to Homeschool Yourself. This is a podcast that empowers you to learn and unlearn. I’m your host, Delina, and together we’ll practice being lifelong learners.

So let me tell you what you can expect from this podcast. I’m going to get to do one of my favorite things in all the world, and that is ask questions. I will be interviewing authors and thought leaders and other experts that will help us learn something new every episode. I hope that as you listen, your desire to learn will be ignited. I hope you’ll be energized. And when the episode is done, I hope you’ll feel activated to try something new in your life.

You’ll read more or you’ll learn more about something. You’ll try something new or you’ll just share something new with your kids. But I will hold you long on these episodes. I know how life is. These episodes will be designed to accompany you when you’re on the go. Don’t worry, there will be be show notes. You don’t have to sit down and write anything. You don’t have to sit on your couch with a nice cup of tea to listen. You don’t have to give me your full attention. I want you to just to listen to homeschool yourself while you’re doing life, whether you’re doing a load of dishes or a load of laundry, whether you’re walking on the treadmill or commuting to and from work, running errands, shuttling kids around, just take me with you. Take this podcast with you. In addition to the expert interviews, I’ll pop in once in a while for some solo episodes and I’ll talk about a book or a show or an idea just to continue the learning conversation. Let’s embrace the spirit of curiosity.

Let’s show our kids that learning is for everyone, even for the grown-ups. So whether you’re a parent, an educator, or just someone passionate about knowledge, this podcast is for you. I’m excited that you’re going to homeschool yourself with me. See you in episode one.

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Delina McPhaull

Podcast Host

Delina Pryce McPhaull is a seasoned editorial consultant and owner of Woke Homeschooling. She lives in Texas with her family. Her happiest days are spent with her loved ones, enjoying good food, stimulating conversations, and basking in the beauty of the sunset and sea. She loves sharing her love of learning with her kids, through homeschooling, and with others through the Woke Homeschooling community.