What will your gray-haired self say?

A conversation between two wise seniors that I overheard gave me some unexpected inspiration. Their exchange, rich with the essence of lifelong learning and the courage to evolve, unraveled a reflection within me that I’m thrilled to share with you now. Imagine, years from now, looking back at your present self—what will your gray-haired self say about who you were today?

This episode of Homeschool Yourself is a celebration of continual growth, a hail to the unrecognizable beauty we can become when we are willing to change.

Show Notes

What will you say when you’re old and gray about how you’ve grown since 2024? Let me know.


What will you say when you’re old and gray about how you’ve grown since 2024? Welcome to Homeschool Yourself. This is a podcast that empowers you to learn and unlearn. I’m your host, Delina, and together we’re going to encourage each other to be lifelong learners.

You know, I was sitting in a cafe trying to work but I kept getting distracted because the crowd kept getting bigger and bigger and I started eavesdropping on some conversations and there was a pair of silver haired ladies sitting at a table next to mine and they were chatting. They were talking about life, about their childhoods, about even voices from their fathers that were still in their mind and ideas that they were still reacting to, and I heard one of the ladies say if you knew me right after I retired, you wouldn’t recognize me today. She went on to talk about how her forced retirement gave her the time and space to deal with her stuff. Her forced retirement gave her the time and space to deal with her stuff. And it was so encouraging to hear somebody in their senior citizen era still learning, still growing, still willing to be wrong, still willing to change their minds and change the way they think, change the narrative they’re bringing in their head about their life, about how they interact with people, just about their past.

So often you hear people talking and they’re only talking about things around them that confirm what they already believe. They just confirm what they already know, and you don’t often hear people talking about how they’ve grown, how they’ve changed, how they don’t agree with themselves, the person who they were, you know 10 years ago and I don’t know. I was just so inspired by that the other day and I was like I want to be her. I want my gray haired self to say you wouldn’t recognize me if you knew me in 2024. I’ve grown so much. I don’t think the way that I used to. I learned something new every day. Let’s continue growing and learning and expanding our thinking. There are no prizes at the end for the folks who didn’t change their minds. Let’s unlearn something today.

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Delina McPhaull

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Delina Pryce McPhaull is a seasoned editorial consultant and owner of Woke Homeschooling. She lives in Texas with her family. Her happiest days are spent with her loved ones, enjoying good food, stimulating conversations, and basking in the beauty of the sunset and sea. She loves sharing her love of learning with her kids, through homeschooling, and with others through the Woke Homeschooling community.