What are you opting out of?

You may have heard about the charter school in Utah that allowed parents to opt out of Black History curriculum. After public pushback, the administration reversed the decision, and the concerned parents agreed to work through their issues. But the whole story got me thinking. After all,

stuff like this happens all the time.

As homeschool parents, we have the freedom to steer our children’s learning and create an overall education plan that is congruent with our values and beliefs. But still, we all have biases. We all have hard topics to tackle that we’d rather avoid. What is it for you? What are you opting out of? What fears are leading your decision to skim over complex parts of our shared history and humanity?

I’m encouraging you while I encourage myself. Take the next step into teaching something that feels hard or maybe uncomfortable. Maybe you don’t know enough about it? Make time this week to search the Internet or browse the bookstore.

Scribd is a great place to find books, audiobooks, podcasts, and articles.* Homeschool yourself. Then put your brave hat on and help your kids understand and care about people affected by this topic.

What topic will you NOT opt out of this week?

Tell me. I want to know.

Cheering you on,


*One of my favorite ways to get audiobooks affordably is with Scribd. It’s like Netflix for books and audiobooks, and their selection is incredible! Try it for two months free, and I’ll get a month free too!

4 thoughts on “What are you opting out of?”

  1. I will not opt out of talking about the current struggles of the AAPI community. Tragic. Thank you for the encouragement.

  2. #homeschoolyourself Yes! The timing on this is perfect.

    I spent last week educating myself about cultural appropriation. It was a subject coming up heavy in my professional life but I realized, I didn’t know enough to have a meaningful conversation around it.

  3. Life long learning for sure along with my kids. At times I avoid the violence and I wonder is it because of my kids younger ages or is it my ability to speak about it well.

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